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David Juhlin

User Experience Consultant
Bentley University's User Experience Center

Picture of David JuhlinDavid Juhlin is a Usability Consultant at Bentley University’s User Experience Center. Juhlin has extensive experience in both the design and evaluation of a variety of products including websites and applications. His primary interests are user experience research, information architecture, interface design and design strategy. Prior to joining Bentley, Juhlin had his own company (GoUsability), and was an interaction designer at Walking Thumbs. Juhlin holds a Master of Science in Physics with a concentration in human interaction from Lulea University of Technology in Sweden. He is a member of the International User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) and UXPA Boston. In addition to client project work at Bentley, Juhlin has researched best practices for bank website navigation and is currently drafting another study regarding navigation performance early in the design process.

Gilbane Conference 2014