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Picture of Frank GilbaneFrank Gilbane is the founder and chair of the Gilbane conferences, and president of Bluebill Advisors, Inc. Frank was previously president of Outsell Inc.’s Gilbane Group, founder and CEO of Gilbane Group Inc, publisher of the Gilbane Report, and co-founder and managing director of Technoforum SARL and the Documation conferences in North America and Europe. He has been involved for many years as a developer and analyst in information and publishing technologies including markup and style languages, content management, and data and content integration.

Frank was a founder and former board member of the Content Management Professionals Association (CM Pros), and a founding member of the Board of Advisors to SGML Open (now OASIS). He is a past member of International Standards Organization (ISO), and federal government information standards committees that developed the standards that were parents to HTML, XML, and CSS, and on the Advisory Board of the MIT Press journal Markup Languages: Theory & Practice. Frank has a BA from Boston University and an MA from Tufts University in Philosophy.

Now the fun part: According to Real Story Group and CMS Watch Founder Tony Byrne "Every truly worthy community boasts a genuine eminence grise. For the content management analyst community, that person is surely Frank Gilbane." - According to Content Management Bible author Bob Boiko, "Frank is the godfather of document and content management." - According to Digital Clarity Group President Scott Liewehr Frank is the "Godfather of Content Management".

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