Connect with Jim Storer

Jim Storer

Principal and Co-Founder
The Community Roundtable

Jim has always been interested in bringing people together and connecting them to one another, whether it’s for events, online communities or a food/craft beer tasting. Helping people develop new appreciations while building deeper connections has always been part of his business and personal life. His deep understanding of content and program strategies, grounded in his years as a community manager, helps him connect with community managers whether they’re just getting started or a seasoned professional. Over the last twelve years he’s built and managed communities and consulted with both start-ups and large enterprises on how to effectively build lasting value with community and social business solutions. As a social business/community strategist he’s advised a wide range of clients including Cisco/WebEx, Deloitte, EDR, iRise, Aetna, GSA, BASF, CSC and Black Hills Corporation.

Gilbane Conference 2014