Connect with Rohit Prabhakar

Rohit Prabhakar

Head of Digital Strategy and Marketing Technologies
Corporate Marketing & Communciations

Picture of Rohit PrabhakarRohit Prabhakar has a strong background in Technology, Sales and Marketing. He is currently responsible for the Digital Marketing Strategy and Marketing Technologies for McKesson Corporation. He heads the Digital COE that is responsible for transforming marketing in the digital age across McKesson.  Digital COE @McKesson is responsible for innovation, setting up the best practices, providing marketing technology infrastructure, implement/improve marketing processes and governance across all business units and marketing functions at McKesson.

Prior to joining McKesson, Rohit Prabhakar has worked on several diverse roles like software engineer, technical architect, project manager, engagement manager etc. in financial and auto industry.

Rohit Prabhakar is very passionate about enabling business with right technology, people and processes. He loves to wear his business hat before wearing the technology hat as he believes that technology is to enable business/need and not vice versa.

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