Scott Welty

Software Development Engineer
LDS Church

Scott Welty has professionally been involved in publishing for more than 37 years. From ruling pens and waxed type to ePubs and digital content on apps, he has been on the cutting edge of all the paradigm shifts in publishing. In 2007, he created a single-source workflow around an XML schema he developed for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This allowed for a single XML file to be used to publish content in the print and web channels, it would eventually go on to support ePub and native app channels. In 2013, he gave up his position as a creative director to fully devote his time to help in developing a church wide COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere) publishing process. At the heart of these efforts was the creation of a new schema for the markup of content. Currently over 850,000 pages of content are being published in 112 languages using this process.

Gilbane Digital Content Conference 2017