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The deadline for proposals has been extended until October 18, 2019

We now live in a digital world. This provides many opportunities for creating and enhancing the digital experiences of customers, employees, business partners, and stakeholders. Expectations are high. People now demand a certain level of service, one that doesn’t just accommodate their devices, but incorporates the devices into a mutually satisfying transaction. This raises the stakes for companies striving to remain relevant to their customer base.

Transforming operations to create innovative digital experiences requires careful planning. Implementing available technologies has to be balanced with a strenuous regard for personnel data privacy. It’s a balancing act between providing a personalized experience while ensuring compliance with privacy legislations.

Digital experience and digital transformation affect sales and marketing, public relations, department managers, IT staff, customer relations, data analysts, content strategists, workplace executives, and employees in general. But that is only half the story. Customers and other stakeholders expect your digital transformation efforts to make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

Be part of the Digital Experience Conference!

The Digital Experience Conference is looking for speakers who can share their stories about how they maximized technology to achieve digital transformations.

  • What strategies have proved most effective?
  • How have you measured achievement of your goals?
  • What technologies have you deployed?
  • What areas of your business have you found to be most amenable to change?
  • How have you dealt with legacy IT systems?
  • What other insights have you gained about digital experiences and digital transformation?
  • Has on-boarding changed to become a digital experience?

We seek dynamic speakers who can discuss the technical aspects of the digital experience and digital transformation as well as the business implications of successful implementations.

We invite you to submit a proposal to participate in this exciting conference. Click here to submit your proposal. The deadline for submitting proposals is October 18, 2019

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