AI and the IoT are changing the way we think about digital experience

AI and the IOT are changing the way we think about Digital Experience. It's no longer about designing for desktops or even mobile devices. Now we have to think about screenless devices, kitchen appliances and more. As Nancy Davis Kho wrote in EContent magazine:


"AI and the IoT are shaping the future of consumer and enterprise applications in the digital content industry and beyond. According to the research firm IoT Analytics, the number of IoT devices worldwide currently stands at 7 billion and is projected to reach about 22 billion by 2025. In an August 2018 research brief called “Unlocking Opportunities in the Internet of Things,” Bain & Co. predicted that IoT spending will double from $235 billion in 2017 to reach $520 billion by 2021.

In the meantime, adoption of AI continues to climb at a dizzying pace. Pinterest’s Lens visual search tool, chatbots that can book your next haircut, and Google predictive searches show that AI is fast becoming the default mode for enterprise-based and consumer-based service delivery. The “AI Index 2018 Annual Report,” by a group of policy researchers seeking to provide comprehensive data and analysis on AI, found that venture capitalist funding for U.S.-based AI startups increased 350% from 2013 to 2017, compared to a 100% growth rate for all active U.S. startups.

But if the IoT makes it easier to track and predict user behavior and AI simplifies the task of knowing what the end-user needs, they both require content to create engagement and customer satisfaction. The growth in AI and the IoT means that there are more places to drive usage on all those devices and in all those experiences—whether it’s a virtual-reality layer in a physical location, directions and details that appear on a car’s smart windshield, or natural language processing-powered responses to voice searches." 

Read more here to learn about the AI, IOT, ethics, and opportunity. 


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