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Donna Cuomo

Assoc Director, Knowledge, Information & Collaboration Solutions

Dr. Donna Cuomo is currently the Assoc Director for Knowledge, Information & Collaboration Solutions in MITRE's Center for Information and Technology. She provides leadership of the enterprise-wide advancement of MITRE's knowledge, business, and collaboration systems to improve business outcomes. Since joining MITRE, Donna has held positions in strategic planning, the digital user experience, intranet application design and development, information technology, innovation management, cognitive systems, and analytics system design.

In her most recent position, she is part of a management team working for the CIO to understand corporate strategy and goals, and translate that into a knowledge, business process support, and collaboration environment to enhance MITRE's work program outcomes.  She received her Masters and PhD degrees in Industrial Engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo, where she majored in Human Factors Engineering/Human-Computer Interaction.

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