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Vijay Hanumolu

Vice President, Digital Strategy

Vijay Hanumolu is currently the Vice President of Digital Strategy at Unum, where he heads up the global digital team. Prior to Unum, Vijay was the former Head of Global Customer eXperience & Online Strategy at Analog Devices Inc., where he oversaw CX and digital strategy teams that supported Analog Devices worldwide digital experiences. Prior to joining Analog Devices, Vijay was Principal UX Architect/Mentor at Mobiquity, where he oversaw UX efforts across multiple projects, participated in strategy engagements and business development for large enterprise mobility customers. He has over 17 years of experience working in User eXperience Design & Strategy, Content Strategy, Digital Marketing and Product Management. He has worked extensively with clients (US and International) in delivering state of the art Enterprise class experiences for customers in eCommerce, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Finance, Education, Transportation, Retail, Defense Contractors, Food & Beverage, Utility industry, Semiconductors, as well as Government.

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